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‘Un-fucking-believable…’ Robert thought angrily as he paced back and forth of the tiny house.
“You will be staying in the guest house next door, it will have everything you need; such as, food, water, and so on.” The Guzzino elder stated to Robert.
Robert nodded but continued to keep his stern eyes on the elder. “Thank you, sir.”
“Oh, and do not worry about cleaning up or anything before you leave; we will have the house burnt completely to be rid of your foul smell and essence.” The old man said with a smug smile.
“….Thank you, it will save both of us time.” Robert said.
‘I am so close to taking Samantha away from this hellhole…But, I can’t do that to her. One word of truth I speak about her will end up costing her to be banished…Why am I such a nice guy deep down?’ Robert thought. He rubbed his templates and groaned deeply in frustration. ‘I have to do something though…’ He added to his thoughts before sitting down on the tiny couch. Robert’s thought process stopped abruptly as he heard a knock on the door. “It’s open.” He said.
A male mouse walked in happily and right up to meet Robert’s face. “Hello, Sir Robert.” He said.
The male took Robert’s hand and shook it rapidly. “What an honor to finally meet another member of the Hammerfel family; I’ve heard such amazing things about your family line!”
Robert cocked a scaly eyebrow and looked to the male with confusion. “Uh, thanks…who are you?”
“Ah, pardon me, I have not introduced myself!” He said, stepping away from Robert and bowing lowly to him. “My name is Jamison Guzzino; but you may call me James for short~. I am one of Samantha’s older cousins.” He said with a big smile.
Robert stood up from the couch and bowed the smaller male before him. “Robert Hammerfel, a pleasure.”
Jamison smiled more and looked at Robert from top to bottom. “My goodness, they were not joking when they said the Hammerfel line grew to be enormous.” He said with astonishment.
“Right—wait a second, how do you know about me and my family?” Robert questioned.
“Ah, I see he did not tell you about me…that is alright! I bumped into your brother, Roland, not that long ago. I’d say about a few days prior to your arrival here. It was rather strange though, he was asking about a train to Gorudo Empire; but the train and its tracks disappeared after the Golden War.”
Robert rolled his eyes before looking back to Jamison. “He and Ronald have been seeking places like those for years. Their stubbornness won’t let them give up that easily.”
Jamison nodded and smiled brightly. “Why don’t we talk more about this at dinner; I would love to hear more adventures.”
“No thanks, I’d rather not talk about my family and hear more discrimination about them.”
Jamison grinned. “There is a bar down the road.”
“What can I get you two?” The waitress asked.
Jamison nodded. “Yes, I will have a glass of chardonnay, and my friend here will have-“
“I’ll have a draft.” Said Robert.
“I will get those right out to you, gentleman.” She said, before walking away from the two men.
Robert glared at Jamison and tapped his fingers. “You’re the worst.”
Jamison chuckled. “I am paying the tab.”
“Well I can’t complain.” Robert stated.
Jamison chuckled a bit more before having their drinks placed in front of them. Both gentlemen nodded and thanked their waitress before sipping/gulping down their beverages. Robert sighed out happily as he wiped the foam from his mouth. “Damn, I haven’t had a decent draft in years.” Robert stated. Jamison nodded in agreement as he sipped his own drink.
“I do have to ask though; since that you are the eldest of your brothers, why are you the shortest?” Jamison questioned.
Robert set down his glass before taking another sip. “I’m shorter because, unlike my brothers; I don’t eat meat.”
“Why is that?”
“I never liked it as a child, and I never have even to this day.” Said Robert.
“I see…”
The two remained silent as they continued to enjoy their drinks.
“You love Samantha, don’t you?”
Robert’s eyes widened as he did a spit take away from Jamison, coughing and hacking up drops of alcohol from his throat. “W…-cough-…What gave you that idea?”
Jamison grinned. “Oh yes, I heard her call your name all night~”
Robert blushed bright crimson as he stared at Jamison in total shock. “R…really?”
“Nope! But that look on your face is priceless~” Jamison said, smiling and laughing.
“Can I get you two-“
Robert slammed his fist onto the wooden table and growled lowly. "Another draft, please." He said. The waitress's body shook in fear but nodded nonetheless before rushing away from the table.
Jamison smirked. "This will be fun~"
"Shut up!" Robert growled.

A few hours later:
Robert belched loudly as he slammed his fifth pint onto the wooden table, laying his down in his arms. Jamison hiccuped and giggled as he watched Robert's head wiggle in his arms.
" really cousin...correct?" Jamison asked.
Robert nodded and slowly lifted his head up. "Yep, I honestly fell head over -hic-...heels over her when....when we first met."
"Have you taken her on a date yet~" Jamison teased.
Robert shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "Nope...too nervous..."
Jamsion tapped his finger in a thought-process manner before poking Robert's nose. "Well, practice on me...pretend I am Sam!"
Robert looked at Jamison in confusion and disgust. "What?...But -hic- you are not her...!"
"Exactly, pretend I am her."
"No, I refuse..." Robert mumbled.
"You know, for a date you are pretty boring."
"Yes, now entertain me~" Jamison said, leaning back into his seat.
Robert groaned and tried to sit up straight. "Fine!.........So, how-"
"KISS MEEEEEEEE~!!!" Jamison shouted as he gripped onto Robert's shirt.
"W-what!? I am not going to kiss you!"
Jamison pouted and slapped Robert across the face."What's wrong!? Too shy of kissing a girl!?"
The two bickered loudly as the waitress slowly approached them. "E-excuse me...Sirs?"
"NOT NOW!" They both shouted. The waitress shrieked and quickly bolted away once more.
"ALRIGHT! FINE! FUCKING GODS I'LL KISS YOU!" Robert yelled. Jamison cheered softly before being yanked into a forceful kiss by the drunk giant before him. Robert quickly shoved him away and tried to keep his balance on the table.
"Oh, oh I am so turned on right now...!" Jamison moaned.
Robert looked up at Jamison and saw three or more of him in a drunken haze. " too..." He mumbled before passing out onto the hard floor.


The next morning Robert groaned in pain as he slowly woke up from his bed. He glanced around his surroundings, but quickly covered his face from the sun's rays shining down on him. "Dear Goddess above.....what happened last night...?" He asked himself.
"You and my cousin ended up drinking to the point of passing out."
Robert's eyes jolted open as he looked in the direction of the familiar voice. "....I'm sorry."
Sam giggled and gently placed her hand on top of the blankets, as if to touch his head. "On the plus side; you two got along fairly well~"
Robert chuckled softly. "True."
She smiled before getting up to close the shades.  
"What a night..." He said, slowly removing the covers off his face and gently massaging his aching head.
"I can see that~" Sam replied. She looked back to Robert, but immediately took interest on his right arm. His whole arm was a sleeve of tattoos with sharp, but beautiful designs on them. She blushed deeply as she continued to stare at his arm with wonder and interest.
Robert looked to Sam who was eyeing his arm, he glanced to his sleeve before looking back to Sam. 'Oh my lord, she has a thing for tattoos.' He thought. "Do you like them?"
Sam snapped back into reality before looking back to Robert. "S-sorry?"
"I asked if you liked my tattoos." He replied. Sam nodded and rubbed the back of her neck. Robert grinned and slowly sat up from the bed. "Do you wanna look at them?" He asked.
Sam blushed brightly and nodded quickly. "Y-yes...please." She mumbled.
Robert smiled and motioned for her to be next to him. Sam walked over to his bedside and gently sat next to the giant. He smiled more and leaned over for her to see his arm better. She had done the same.
"Each one is a different meaning of my family; starting from my family crest, to my mother, my father, and then my brothers." He said.
Sam looked in awe and amazement, she couldn’t help but gently touch his family crest inked into his skin and follow up his arm. Each member of his family had a different design, ranging from a Lilly and Black Rose intertwining together, to a war hammer, scythe, and sword aligned perfectly together. "They're beautiful." She stated.
Robert smiled warmly as he let her soft fingers continue their trail.
She smiled more as she came across new designs the further up his arm she went. She came to halt to see that the designs were slightly off at his shoulder. "Why do they stop here?" She asked.
"The trail will continue when I get married and have kids of my own, after that it will end there." He stated.
"But what about your grandkids?"
"I will most likely run out of room...but I'll try and make it work somehow."
Sam smiled warmly as she looked back to the unfinished design of his tattoo. "I hope you make that lucky girl super happy, because she will be stuck on you for a long time if you don’t do so." She teased.  
"I hope so too...hopefully she also has a thing for tats like mine." He joked.
"I know I do~" She said.
Robert smiled and blushed, looking into his eyes. "....Maybe I can find a nice design for you then."
Sam gently ran her fingers down his arm before looking up at Robert, her face turning full crimson. The two looked into each other's eyes and smiled warmly. "So, where will I be in your work of art?" She asked.
"Anywhere you want to be, Beautiful." He replied.
She smiled and gently placed her hands on his large face and slowly approached her face to meet his.
"Sam..." He whispered softly, only centimeters from her sweet lips.
"Robby, I-"
His eyes bolted open. "Hold that thught!" He said as he rushed out of the bed and into the washroom, purging violently. "OH GODS! WHY!?"
Sam winced as she heard him suffer, but then was quickly reminded of what had almost happened and blushed brightly.
"GODS HELP ME!" He screamed.
"Better out than in~" Sam teased.
"I don't need jokes right now!"
A Drop of Hope Chapter 11
That's what happens when ya drink! XD lol, sorry Sammy, no kisses for you today.
Characters belong me and :iconherman-da-german:
You may not use any of them unless given full permission from the both of us!

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Sam groaned deeply as she tossed and turned on the saddle of the Kirin; both it and Robert twitching slightly with irritation. "Robby, entertain me~" She whined.
Robert sighed and glanced to Sam. "How do you expect me to do that?"
"I don't know, come up with something!" She nagged.
Robert sighed again and rubbed his templates. He glanced around to find anything of particular interest. "...I spy with my little eye; something...brown."
Her ears twitched as she quickly looked around, eager to find the 'brown' object. She looked in his general direction and grinned proudly as she crossed her arms. "Tree, it's a tree." she said.
Robert smirked and shook his head. "Guess again."
She huffed and looked again. "Dirt?"
"Your jacket?"
"No cigar~"
"The Kirin!?"
"He's Bronze; with a tad gold on his coat." He commented.
Sam growled and ruffled her hair violently, glaring at Robert.
Robert snickered and turned away. 'This is actually pretty fun.' He thought before looking to Sam with a smug grin. "I'm sorry, it was the tree." He said, trying to hold back his laughter. He then felt a tug at his jacket and being face to face with Sam.
"I will break you!" Sam sneered.
Robert smirked and quickly licked her face from bottom to top. "Not before I break you first." He said, walking away from Sam and the Kirin.
Sam stayed in her position in complete horror and confusion.
Robert chuckled and continued to walk on. Sam, being shocked from her horrifying experience snaps back into reality and looked to Robert. "Did you just...Why did....What!?" She stammered, before getting off the Kirin and approaching Robert with intent to repay him in kind. "I spy with my little eye; something reeeeeddd~"
Robert proceeded to stop at a hill, and started to survey the path ahead of him. Sam slowly closed in on him. Robert smirked and quickly glanced to his side. "Hm. Tch. I don't see it...Could it be; RIGHT BEHIND ME?" He said smugly, quickly throwing his arm backwards; grabbing something to his surprise. Instead of grabbing her soft, fluffy, red hair; he ended up grabbing something soft, warm, and squishy. He reluctantly turned around and locked eyes with Sam; her blank face staring at his large arm groping her chest. Robert shared the same blank features she.
-Squeeze squeeze-

It was then Robert knew...he fucked up.


As the two approached the estate gates; Robert gently held a bloody towel on his snout. He slowly looked to Sam, but quickly turned away as he saw the fires of the Seven Hell's surround her entire being.
They then looked up to see a guard in red and silver attire approach them at the gate. "Miss Guzzino; long time no see--" he paused as he looked to Robert in utter confusion. "Who is this?"
"He is my escort and guard from Traverse." She stated.
The guard nodded and looked back to Robert, cocking an eyebrow. "What happened to you?" He asked.
"He fell." she said.
Robert nodded nervously as he continue to hold the damp, bloody towel to his face. "It was a steep hill."
"Uh-huh..." The guard looked to Sam. "Well, your family is inside waiting for you; we'll put all your stuff away in your room while you meet them."
Sam smiled meekly and nodded. "Thank you."
The guard nodded and opened the gates for Sam and Robert to enter. The two walked through the open gates and approached the house. Sam sighed deeply and eased her pace before stopping to a halt. Robert stopped as well and looked back to her; a sign of worry being clearly written on his face. Without any force he walked up to Sam and looked down to her; bending down slightly in having his eyes meet with hers. "You okay?"
Sam sniffled and nodded. "Y-yes, I'm fine." She stammered.
Robert smiled meekly and gently poked her nose. "Hey, if anything; I'll gladly take a bullet for you." He said. "--But for now; let's go inside, get it over with and be done with it. Then; we can all go home and laugh about all this, deal?"
Sam smiled sadly and nodded as she wiped away her tears. "Deal."
Robert nodded and gently wiped away a tear that dared to stick to her face. "And another thing; tears don't suit a pretty face." He said, blushing slightly.
Sam blushed brightly at his compliment, but grinned and looked up at him. "You got that from Violet, didn't you?" She questioned.
Robert smirked and moved a strand of hair out of her face. "Yeah; but he isn't wrong though." He said, before walking back to the front door of the house.
Sam blushed more and quickly followed him, keeping her head low while hiding her face in her hair.
“Ready?” Robert asked as he gestured at the door.
She looked up at him and nodded. “Ready.”
Robert nodded and grabbed hold of the door handle to turn it, and open the door. Sam let out a quick puff of air before lifting her head and keeping it high. Robert cracked a small smile as he walked in the house with her. “Whoa.” He gestured as he looked at the fine China and expensive furniture. “How in the Seven Hells is your family diving in money pools?”
Sam let out a small giggle and looked to Robert. “My family owns several mining companies, and we had just been very wealthy since then.”
“Then why are you a Hand Maiden for Violet?”
“I got bored and wanted to earn my own money.” She replied.
Robert squinted his eyes and looked to Sam questionably. “…You must have been pretty bored in wanting to work as a Hand Maiden for the Kingdom.”
“I wanted to do something productive.” She added.
Robert smiled and chuckled softly. “I see.”
Sam smiled in return but quickly changed expressions to being full of worry. “You do not have to meet my family if you do not want to. But if you wish; you are free to follow me and meet them.”
“Samantha, I’ll follow you to the edge of the world if you wanted me to.” He said, winking to her.
Sam blushed brightly and turned away, twirling her hair in her finger. “T-this way…!” She stuttered, walking away from him and down the hall to another room.
Robert grinned slightly and followed in Sam’s direction, but quickly came to a halt as his mind raced with crazy and mad thoughts. ‘This meeting could go one of two ways. One: She has to now be head of the family business or what-not. Or two; she’s about to be given the news of her having an arranged marriage…either or is bad for both of us.’ He thought. Once he finished his thoughts he walked and entered in the same room as Sam and irritated eyes look straight at him. ‘Geez, tough crowd.’ He thought before looking to Sam, who was highly nervous of the situation.
“Samantha, who is this brutish looking character?” Asked an elder male figure of the family.
Sam bit her lip and stood up, trying to keep her head high in front of him. “Grandfather, this is Robert; he has been my guide and protector on my travels to meet you all here.” She stated.
Robert adjusted his posture and looked to male elder with much stern and seriousness. “Robert Hammerfel; shield to King Violet and captain of the Traversian army.”
The elder nodded and rubbed his chin with some fascination. “Hammerfel, hm? I have heard rumors of a member of the Hammerfel clan has become a Sage; are they true?”
Robert smirked proudly and crossed his arms. “They are true; my brother Roland studied eight years of calculus, physics, alchemy, and stealth in Thunderhelm College. He just graduated; and was ranked Sage of Hammers last year.”
The room remained silent in awe and astonishment.
‘Yeah, top that ya fucks! Who’s the man!?’ He said and laughed manically in his thoughts.
The elder laughed softly as he gave Robert a smug grin. “I see, so your family isn’t as dumb as a sack of potatoes.”
“Grandfather--!” Sam gestured before being put to a halt by his glare.
“I have also heard that Sir Quincy remarried some years ago.” The elder stated.
“Yes, he’s been married fourteen long and happy years with my stepmother Claire.”
The elder smirked and sipped his tea. “I see; so he ended up marrying another piece of dirt, and she gave birth to more filth. What fun that is.”
Robert inhaled and exhaled deeply, continuing to smile to the elder. “It was an honor to meet you sir.”

Pieces of bark and wood from a tree flew across the field of grass as Robert punched the tree in sheer anger and disgust. “I’m gonna murder that old fuck in his sleep for insulting my family like that.” Robert said, grinding and gnashing his teeth together.
Sam kept her face in her hands and shook her head. “I am so sorry, this never should have happened! I knew I should have stopped him!”
Robert sighed deeply and punched the tree one last time; blood dripping down his knuckles to his fingertips. Sam looked to him and saw the blood on his hands. She gasped softly and tore a piece of her dress to cover his wounds. Robert jolted and looked at Sam; all his anger and his frustration washing away, only to have worry and concern for her.
“I’m sorry…” He whispered.
Sam looked up at Robert and smiled warmly. “Don’t be; you did nothing wrong.”
“I sure feel like I did.” He said, turning his head away from her.
Hearing her hushed voice call his name sent shivers down his spine, and make his blood boil from top to bottom. He quickly turned his head to meet Sam’s warm Maroon eyes stare at him. The two blushed and continued to stare at each other for what had felt like forever. Sam smiled meekly and tip-toed to meet his face; placing a gently kiss on his scaly cheek.
“Tomorrow is a new day.” She said before walking away from Robert, feeling as if her head could blow at any minute.
Robert stood in place, blushing bright crimson all the while holding his cheek.
“Yep, I’m in love."
A Drop of Hope Chapter 10
And this is why I watch/read too many romance/comedy bullshit XD
I hope you guys enjoy!
All the characters belong to me and :iconherman-da-german:
You may not use this or characters in any way unless given full permission from the both of us.
ADOH Chapter 9

Robert coughed hard as the giant male tackled him to the ground, and picking him up into his arms. Robert groaned in pain as the male hugged and wiggled him around happily.
"Ha-ha! Robert, I knew it was you!" The figure exclaimed happily.
Robert struggled in the male's deathly grip before going limp and feeling as though he had just died.
Sam sat on the ground and looked at the two with utter confusion. Her fear quickly left her body. "W-whaa....?"
Robert groaned and weakly bit the larger male's hand. "Let me go, ya brat!"
The male laughed and gently set Robert on the ground. "Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you~" he apologized.
Sam shook her head and rushed to Robert, gently holding his face in her tiny hands. "Are you okay?"
Robert coughed lightly before smiling weakly to her. "I'm okay...although I did feel my soul slowly leave my body but return with a vengeance." he joked.
Sam smiled and sighed with relief. "Thank goodness..."
Robert and Sam blushed as they both looked to the giant figure smiling down at them. He then grabbed Robert in his arms and hugged him more. "Mmm~ big hug for Big Brother!"
"R-right." Robert started. "Sam, this is Roland; my little brother."
Her eyes widened as she looked between the two in shock. "Brother? Little? Him? You? What!?"
"Yeah, I know, we get that a lot." Roland joked.
Sam continued to glance at the two in confusion. "I'm sorry...little brother?" she questioned.
"Fine! Younger!....Geez." Robert groaned.
Roland chuckled and set Robert back on the ground again. He then walked up to Sam and bowed to her. "I'm sorry I chased you; I smelled my brother on you and I wanted to ask if you knew he was around."
Sam blushed and bowed repeatedly. "N-n-no! I should be sorry! I shouldn't have ran off like that...!"
Roland smiled brightly and placed his enormous hand on top of her head, rubbing it roughly and messing up her hair. "No sweat, no sweat!" he said happily.
"It means; don't worry about it." Robert commented.
Sam gasped and smiled big, nodding her head quickly. "R-right...!"
"So, where are you two headed?" asked Roland.
"We're headed to her family's house down West, we should be there in about a day and a half." stated Robert.
"Ah, I'm actually headed East." Roland commented.
"East? Why East?"
"I plan to take the train to Gōrudo
Empire." said Roland.
"Gōrudo Empire!?" Sam asked as her eyes shined with wonder.
"The one and only~"
"There is no Gōrudo Empire; it disappeared years ago along with its people." Robert stated.
Sam ignored his statement and sighed with wonder. "I've heard the people of Gōrudo Empire are the most beautiful and elegant beings in the world; they are graceful, cunning, intelligent, and very beautiful~"
"Don't forget their culture and how the architecture was built~" Roland added.
"Such beauty~" They both swooned.
"You two are such boneheads..." Robert grumbled, rubbing his templates. "Okay you two, break it up; the sooner we reach our destinations the better."
"Party pooper." Roland pouted.
Robert sighed deeply and rolled his eyes, walking up to Sam and looking down at her. "Are we ready?"
Sam nodded and saluted to the soldier. "Aye aye, Captain Grumpy."
"That's Admiral Grumpy to you." He stated. "Let's go." He said, storming away from his brother and love interest.
"And he wonders why he's shrinking..." Roland mumbled.
"Is he always this grumpy?" Asked Sam.
"He's always been like that, ever since we were kids." He stated. "But, he means well nonetheless; just give him time."
Sam nodded before turning to Roland and bowing to him. "It was a pleasure meeting you." She said.
Roland smiled and bowed to her in return. "Pleasure was all mine. Thank you for watching over my big brother, he can get a bit out of hand sometimes~" He said, playfully sticking his tongue out.
"Anytime." She added.
"While I'm young, dorks!" Robert shouted.
"Coming!" Sam shouted, quickly turning to Robert and rushing to him.
"Have a safe trip~" Roland said, waving to the two travelers.


"He was nice." Sam stated.
"Yeah, spend an hour with him; you'll want to choke yourself to death." he scoffed.
"He's not that bad~"
"No, but he's a punk; he loves the joke around with me and my brother, Ronald."
"He's my youngest brother; and the sneakiest of the three us." Robert stated.
"...All your names start with an 'R', why is that?" she asked.
"It's tradition that all the males in our blood line be named with a different letter every new generation; for my brother's and I, our names begin with an 'R', the next generation will either start with an 'S' or a letter that I choose since that I'm the oldest." He said.
"How unique!" Sam said ecstatically.
Robert blushed and looked down to her. "You think so?" he asked. "A lot of people think it's stupid and a waste of time." he added.
"I honestly think it's a wonderful and unique tradition, I would love to hear more about your family~" She said, smiling big and cutely.
Robert blushed more and rubbed the back of his neck. "W-well...what would you like to know?"
Sam smiled brightly and tapped her nose in a thought-process matter. "You said your generation starts with an 'R', then your father's generation started with a 'Q' correct?"
"Correct; my father's name is Quentin, he's the only male in the family that starts with a 'Q'. There aren't many people named with that letter, so it was hard for his mother to find a suitable name for him." he stated.
"How bizarre." she said as her eyes glimmered with wonder.
Robert chuckled a bit and continued walking with her.
"...I have also been meaning to ask...about--"
"About Roland and why he's as big as a tree?" He interrupted.
"Y-yes...if that is okay." She stuttered.
"It's fine. He had a major growth spurt when he was younger; when he was ten years old, he grew to look like he was sixteen. It's not uncommon in our family for fast growth, but we didn't expect for him to grow as fast as we thought."
"I see...and how old is he?" Sam asked.
"He's nineteen right now, he'll be turning twenty a week before Winter's Eve." He said.
"How sweet." she said softly.
"Yeah, I guess." he mumbled. "What about you; what's the story with your family?" He asked.
Sam cringed and held herself as he asked that. Her eyes turning dull with sadness and anger. "My family is...different; they believe that anyone of non-pure blood is shameful and should be put in a hole. But I think otherwise! I believe that if you truly love someone then you should be with them! Don't hesitate for a minute! Just--" She stopped, quickly punching her own hand as if punching another individual into the ground.
Robert smiled meekly and gently held her hands. "I understand where you're coming from, I really do. But if you truly feel this way, then why are you going to torture yourself?"
She looked away from him and held back her tears. "Because if I don't go, I will be disowned and shamed by my family for the rest of my life. And I am not ready for that..." she sobbed, a tear or two running down her fuzzy cheek. She gasped softly as she felt his thumb wipe away her tears.
"Even if that does happen, I'll stick with you nonetheless." He said.
Sam blushed brightly and quickly wiped away her tears. "Thank you, Robert." She smiled.
"Just Rob will do." He said, slightly grinning.
"Can I call you Robby?" she joked.
He chuckled softly and shook his head. "For you; I'll make an exception...just don't call me that in public."
"No promises~" She sang, walking ahead of him.
Robert smiled to himself and looked in Sam's direction. 'Maybe I am losing my mind...'
"Oi, while I'm young~!" Sam shouted, blowing a raspberry his way.
"That's my line, ya weirdo!" He shouted back, running after her.
"Who are you calling weird!?"
"You, Weirdo."


Later that night.
Sam sat blissfully on the ground and watched the grass hillside bend and wave with each gust of wind. She sighed softly as she watched the horizon, and feel the gentle breeze blow through her red hair.
Robert smiled warmly as he watched her be at inner peace with herself. 'I'd feel bad if I bothered her.' he thought. As he turned around to continue setting up he felt a ball of fluff fly into his face, and purr happily. "Mochi, as much as I love seeing you get comfy on my face...please get off." He said. The pink fluff chirped and pushed more against his face. "I don't get what you want. Are you hungry?" he asked. Mochi shook her head and flew to face in Sam's direction. "What? I'm not going to bother her, she's probably really tired after what happened today." He stated. Mochi pouted and flew to his jacket, biting into it with her tiny fangs and pulling it with all her strength. "You're serious?" the pink fluff looked to Robert with much determination. "Fine, have it your way." He said, gently pulling Mochi off his jacket and setting her on top of their tent. He huffed quickly and deeply and walked to Sam's side. "Hey..." he gestured.
Sam looked up to him and smiled warmly. "Hello."
Robert rubbed the back of his neck and gestured to the ground next to her. "This seat taken?"
Sam grinned and lightly fanned herself with her hand. "Oh, I don't know. The man next to me just left and may return soon~" She said playfully.
Robert chuckled as he took his place next to her. "His loss I suppose."
The two laughed softly before looking out into the scenery of Traverse's lands.
"It sure is beautiful tonight." Sam said.
"Yeah, it's perfect weather." He commented. "Reminds me of when my brother's and I used to go out and camp by the river."
"Did you three do anything crazy?" She asked.
Robert chuckled and leaned back onto the grass. "I wouldn't say we did anything crazy, but we did get pretty drunk one time. But, because it was with my brothers; it was a crazy adventure nonetheless." He said, sighing deeply.
"That sounds like fun." Sam said, giggling softly.
"Which part? The hanging out and camping part or getting drunk part?"
"Both~" she teased.
"I can agree to that, they were good times." He said.
"I would not know about either of those things; mainly because my siblings were boring clods, and I never had a single alcoholic drink in my life." she stated.
"Hm..." Robert looked up at the starry sky and thought long and hard. "......!"
He smirked sheepishly and reached into his inner jacket pocket. Pulling out a silver colored, cotton back and undoing the laces. "Bet you've never tried these." He said as he presented her a glazed brownie.
Sam's eyes sparkled as she looked at the brownie with delight. "A brownie?"
"Not just any brownie~" He said.
Her eyes went from delight and happiness to sharp and wary. "Wait, what is in the brownie?" she asked.
He chuckled and sighed in defeat. "Okay fine, it's a pot brownie."
Sam eyed the brownie for a while before looking to Robert and pouting. "Why do you have...?"
He sighed again. "I was gonna eat it while you were with your family. But, you did say you never tried anything...soooo...."
She playfully glared at him.
"If you don't want it I'll eat it, I just wanted to tease and have fun." He said, tempting to eat it whole. He stopped as he saw the tiny hand be placed over the drugged brownie.
"Save it...for later." She mumbled.
"Later?" He questioned.
"I might want it later after dealing with my family."
Robert grinned and put the drugged treat back into the pouch.
"Are there any side effects?" She asked.
"It usually just relaxes your body and gives you the giggles." He stated.
Sam nodded before leaning back and laying next to him on the ground. She slowly looked to Robert who was closing his eyes, being fully relaxed. She blushed lightly as she slid her way to have her shoulder and arm touch his. Robert's eyes jolted open and blushed a deep crimson as he felt her arm. He glanced to Sam and glided his hand to her tiny hand, to gently hold it. She smiled and held his in return.
"It's going be a crazy two weeks." she stated.
He laughed softly. "Good thing I like crazy."
"That makes two of us~"
A Drop of Hope Chapter 9
Lol families~
All characters belong to me and :iconherman-da-german:
Do not use unless given full permission from the both of us.
"Two weeks?" Terri exclaimed. "That's a long trip from here to there."
Sam nodded sadly and sipped her tea. "It is a little while, but I promise to be home soon with lots of stories."
Terri smiled meekly as she ate one of the biscuits that was made for them by one of the other hand maidens. "But, is it safe to go alone?" She asked. "What if something bad happens?"
Sam looked to Terri and giggled a bit. "Don't worry, I have done this...two times before~"
Terri raised her eyebrow and shook her head. "I don't know..."
"I promise to be back home soon, and help with what ever you need." Sam said as she smiled big.
Terri sighed and nodded. 'Still...I don't like that she's going alone. Maybe I can find someone who could go with her...Maybe--'
"Terri~!" Sam pouted.
Terri gasped as she looked to Sam with confusion. "S-sorry, did you say something?"
Sam sighed and pouted more, quickly crossing her arms. "I asked how you were feeling."
"O-oh...I'm okay so far, still having morning sickness, and my belly itches a lot."
"It itches?" Sam questioned.
"Mathew told me it'll start itching because my stomach is growing." Terri said as she scratched her belly.
Sam smiled and giggled as she gently patted Terri's belly. "Be good to Momma, little one~" she said.
The two giggled as they enjoyed their tea out on the castle balcony.

Terri sighed deeply as she walked along the garden with her train of thoughts. 'I don't like that she's going alone...what if something happens?' she thought. 'Maybe I can have someone escort her to her family's house! Yeah, I can do that!....But, who can I trust to watch out for Sammy...?' Terri groaned and rubbed her templates. She then walked into what felt like a brick wall, before stumbling back and seeing who or what she hit.
"Can I help you?"
Terri's eyes widened as she saw Robert looking down at her with some irritation. "R-Robert! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there..." she stuttered. Robert sighed and closed his book, putting it away in his jacket.
"Was there something you needed?" he asked.
Terri shook her head rapidly before looking back to Robert again. "W-well, yes...I need t-to ask you about--"
"Shit! Who fired the fucking--sorry, ask me later!" Robert exclaimed before rushing out of the garden.
"A-ah! Wait! I needed to ask...about...Sam..." Terri groaned with frustration as she watched Robert run off. "Darn it..." She slumped down and looked to her feet. Before her was a brown, leather journal with a simple string tided around it. Terri picked the journal up from the ground and examined it. "Must have dropped it..." she mumbled, before looking around. 'I wonder...No! I'm not kind of person!' She thought, before placing the journal onto a cement bench and walking off. 'Gonna walk away, and not look back...'
-Tak Tak Tak-
'Curse my curiosity!'


"It has to be has to be!" Robert said as he looked around the garden. "Maybe, I kicked it somewhere when it fell out...Can't believe this--" Robert paused as he looked up from the ground to see Terri holding the leather journal. Her face turning white as a sheet, and his turning bright crimson.
"Does she know?"
"No! And she never will!" Robert scowled as he snatched the journal away from her hands, and stormed off. Terri stood up quick and chased after Robert, following close behind him.
"B-but, what you wrote about her is beautiful! Why don't you just tell her how you feel?"
"Because it's not easy, and she wouldn't want to be with a beast like me."
"How do you know that?"
Robert stopped and looked back to Terri. "What...?"
"How do you know that?" she asked again. "How do you know she'll turn you down?"
Robert clenched his fists and shut his eyes tightly, before looking away from Terri. "Because...well...."
Terri grinned and crossed her arms. "My point exactly, you never know these things until you try them."
Robert sighed deeply before looking back to Terri with determination. "L-look, just don't tell her, okay?"
"I'm not going to tell her--You are."
Terri nodded her head and poked his chest. "I need someone to watch Sam while she's going to her family's house; and you are going to make sure she is safe, and unharmed."
"Or what, are you going to tell her?"
Terri smirked.
"....You wouldn't."


"Why me?" He grumbled as he put the luggage on top of the Kirin. Looking back he saw Terri and Sam exchanging hugs and goodbyes to each other.
"Please, be safe out there." Terri said, holding back her tears.
"I promise to be back soon, and I promise we'll be safe."
Terri nodded as she hugged Sam more, not wanting her best friend to go out into a world still very unknown to her.
"While I'm young ladies!" Robert shouted.
Terri pouted to Robert and shook her head. Sam smiled and giggled before poking Terri's nose one last time.
"Be safe out there, Sam." said Violet.
"I will." She stated before walking off to Robert. The two stared at each other for what felt like forever before Sam bowed her head. "T-thank you, for joining me."
Robert sighed before placing his large hand on top of her head and rubbing his quickly. "No problem." He mumbled.
Sam smiled meekly and climbed onto the Kirin. She looked back and waved farewell to her friends before the two trotted off. Robert looked back and waved as well, only to see Terri glaring at him sternly.
"Pfft...women." He scoffed.
"Nothing, nothing..."


A few hours later;
Robert and Sam continued to trot down the path in an awkward silence. Sam bit her lip and twiddled her fingers, glancing to Robert a few times.
"Something on your mind?" He asked.
"Ah,'s nothing!" She said turning away.
"All right."
Sam blushed a bit and bit her lip again. "...S-so, how long till we get there?" she asked.
"I thought you knew the way."
"I-I do! I was just thinking maybe you knew a faster way or...another path to take..."
Robert looked to Sam and cocked an eyebrow at her. "No, we're playing it safe and taking the route given to us. I'm not taking any chances on shortcuts." He said.
Sam nodded and looked away again. "I s-see..." She mumbled. Before she could open her mouth again to say or ask something silly, she noticed a emerald-green book in one of his many pockets. "Do you like to read?" she asked.
"Do you read a lot?"
"From time to time."
"Oh...what is it about?"
"What's what about?" He said looking at her.
"The book silly, what is it about?" she asked, smiling meekly.
"It's about a hero trying to protect his people from some evil invading his world. I haven't read enough to know about the back story and all." He said.
"That sounds almost like the 'Hero' we know." she stated. "When I was a little girl; I imagined being like the heroes in the a way. But what I really want in life is to protect everyone in the best way I can and hope for the best."
"...That's very ambitious." He said, looking to Sam with some astonishment. "Unfortunately the real world isn't the same as the books, and most people doubt us for our beliefs."
Sam smiled and poked his cheek. "That is why we're here, to show the people who doubted us that we can make the world a better place."
Robert blushed brightly before quickly looking away. "Maybe..."

Later that night.
Robert let out a breath of relief after finishing the tents for the two to sleep in.
"You're not looking, are you?" Sam pouted, peeking the top of her head through the tall grass.
"No, I am not looking." He huffed.
"Hm?" Robert stood up and glanced around his surroundings. "....Hm." He hummed before having his face met with a pink ball of fluff. He flinched slightly and peeled off the pink fluff, only to reveal the pink fluff as a tiny bat, squeaking happily in his hands. "A Fluff're a little ways from home, little one." he stated. The little Flyer squeaked more and flew back up to Robert's face and nuzzling it. He sighed in defeat and gently stroked the little pink Flyer's ears. He smiled warmly as it purred against him. "You look like a little dessert...almost like a Mochi...Mochi, I like that." He said.
"Okay, I'm coming out so don't look." Said Sam, slowly peering out of the grass.
"I still don't understand why you have to bathe now when you could bathe the night before we reach your house." He stated.
"Just because we are both traveling, does not mean I have to smell like it." She said, gently placing a ribbon around Robert's eyes.
"I don't see the big deal of it, it's not all that bad of a smell--" He sniffed his clothes. "...Is it?" He asked himself, before hearing a loud splash behind him. He blushed at the thought of hearing her sigh of pleasure, and just the sheer thought of her nude body. "O-okay, you're done! Get out!" He shouted before throwing his cloak right near the edge of the water.
Sam giggled softly as she swam off further away from him and their camp. "Robert, if you are so scared of someone seeing me; then go and stand watch." She said before dunking her head underwater.
Robert groaned and gently placed Mochi on top of the tent. "Right...'Go stand watch, Robert. While I go and look amazing in the stupid water like a girly girl!'....Pfft, right Mochi?" He grumbled, as he gently pet Mochi's ears again. Mochi purred as she leaned more into Robert's hand. Robert smiled more before sniffing the air and growling. "I smell male hormones...and I know those animals are gonna want Sam as both dinner and dessert! Wait here!" He growled, throwing off the ribbon and trying his best to take off his clothes as well.

Sam sung softly as she dunked her head backwards in the water, enjoying every moment of it. She then heard movement in the water and looked to where it could come from.
"Hey, looks like we found a pretty nymph~" Said a Goat man.
"She's a lot cuter than a nymph." stated a Rabbit man.
"S-sorry, I didn't know you were using it." Sam said, slowly swimming away from the two males. "I will just leave quickly and let you gentlemen have a good night." Once said she turned around quickly to swim off, but only to have her wrist grabbed by the Rabbit and pulled towards them.
"Come on, don't be such downer~" He said playfully.
"N-no...I really have to...!"
"We promise we don't bite, much~" Said the Goat man.
"Come on, show two guys a good time and--OUCH! Something just bit me!" shrieked the Rabbit.
Robert quickly popped out of the water, choking and coughing up water and fur. "Disgusting...!"
"MONSTER!" The two males shrieked loudly, quickly swimming to land, and running off into the distance.
Robert growled and huffed, grabbing his cloak and wrapping it around Sam's body before picking her up bridal style back to their camp.
"That was close...thank you." She said.
"No, that was bad! You made me bite a chunk off of that guy's ass!" He scowled, placing Sam on the ground and spitting chunks of fur into the grass. "I think I got some in my gums! Ugh....Fucking disgusting!"
Sam looked at Robert surprised yet very confused. "You don't eat meat...?"
"Why in the world would I eat meat? It's disgusting." He said, continuing his spitting.
"So...that means you are a--"
"--A Vegetarian, yes."
"Oh, that's nice." Sam said, smiling weakly.
"Yeah, but don't look at me; I'm not biting anymore asses the next time you take a bath." He said, before storming back to their tents.
Sam giggled and saluted. "Yes, sir~" She said playfully.
Mochi looked to Sam and chirped happily before flying right up to her.
Sam gasped and smiled brightly before holding the little Flyer. "Hello, little one~" She said, gently nuzzling Mochi. She felt heavy clothing land on top of her, with Robert shutting his eyes tightly.
"Put some clothes on, before any more males come over and make a meal both ways..."
Sam tilted her head in confusion. "Both ways?"
"J-just get dressed already!" He shouted, turning away from her.
"...He's silly, huh?" she said looking to Mochi.

The next day.
Sam giggled with joy as she played with Mochi; teaching her new tricks, and Mochi hiding in her hair.
"At least you're having fun..." Robert said.
Sam smiled and poked his cheek. "Stop being so grumpy all the time~"
"Can't. And don't want to." He said.
Sam pouted and looked away, only to hold her stomach. "Ah...I'm sorry, but we have to stop for a moment."
"We just left."
"Yes, but I did not have to go then!"
Robert groaned and rubbed his templates. "Fine...make it quick."
Sam nodded before getting off her Kirin the running off into the woods.
"Are ya done yet?" He said outloud.
"I have to go far away so you don't hear me!" She pouted.
He sighed with frustration. "Not like I haven't heard anyone going before..."
Sam pouted more and walked further away from him and their luggage. "Meanie..." she mumbled. "Why does he always have to say something rude?" She asked herself, looking at her reflection in the creak. She sighed deeply as she watched her reflection wiggle around. "Hm?" She then noticed a figure in the water that wasn't her own. "...Robert?" She called quietly, slowly looking up to see the figure. He was a crocodile just like Robert, only three-times his size, and much more built than he was. The male looked down at Sam and sniffed in her direction.
"Hey, you smell like--"
Sam shrieked loudly and ran away from the male. She looked behind her to see the large male chase her down."ROBBY!!!"

Robert's eyes widened and looked in the direction of her scream. "Sam?"
She cried as she ran, only to trip hard over her skirt. "ROBBY! Help!"
Robert bolted her way and slid by her side. "Sam, what's going on?" He asked.
Sam grabbed his jacket and pulled him close. "He's gonna eat me!" She shouted, pointing in the way of the figure.
Robert looked in the direction she ran from and squinted his eyes. "Oh...that idiot." He said, getting up from the ground and standing in front of Sam, stretching his arms out. "This is gonna hurt..."
"W-what is? Who is that!?" She panicked.
He remained silent as he stood his ground, and the giant male colliding right into Robert.
"HUAGH!!" he coughed.
A Drop of Hope Chapter 8
Since when did Terri grow a backbone?....must be the little one in her belly XD
Characters belong to me and :iconherman-da-german:
Do not use unless given full permission from the both of us.


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Hello my lovely Peaches and Creams, Ashido here.

Just a small update on the upcoming chapters of 'A Drop of Hope'.
I had decided that since this may take a while to do, I decided that I will post one chapter a week.
Because I see that people want more, and I don't have the cover done yet I want to keep you lovelies on the edge and want more.
I know it's cruel of me and I've never done this myself, but it'll also give me time to work on more chapters at the same time.
The stories with be posted on either Tuesday or Wednesday, because those are usually my days off from work. Also, if I don't put up the chapters on either of those days, expect some delays because my schedule is very random and usually always busy. So please don't hate me if I'm a few days late or such, I'm human just like you lovelies.

Another thing is if you lovelies have any questions about the characters and such please feel free to ask. But let's keep it professional, and no profanity.
I want you guys to ask because instead of writing the info down I feel it'd be fun to make a video and explain things through my voice to you lovelies.

So yeah, that's it for now. The characters and such will be introduced in the story, so if you guys have any questions leave them here.

I hope you guys enjoy ^w^


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