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Three weeks had passed since Terri's arrival to Traverse, as she started to grow much more comfortable with the people and their ruling King; King Violet.

Yet, during those few weeks Terri and Violet had grown much closer to each other than ever before. Both swearing to protect each other, and the people of Traverse.

The two felt nothing would rip them apart.


Terri smiled as she listened to Violet hum a song that she had never heard of. The tune was calm, yet it had a very sad feeling to it. "What are you humming?" She asked.

"It is called "The Goddess's Regret". She sang this song after her lover died in battle."

"...What did she regret?"

"She regretted a lot of things; the war, betraying her friend's trust, and letting her lover die." Violet said before holding Terri's hand in his own. "But I do not regret meeting you." He smiled.

Terri blushed and smiled back. "I don't regret meeting you either, Violet."

He smiled and held her close to him. Terri sighed in happiness, and hugged Violet in return. However, their moment of bliss had ended when Robert had rushed in to confront Violet.

"Sorry to interrupted, but you have to read this." He said, handing Violet the letter.

Violet took the letter and looked to who the sender was.

"King Gerald Hirt? That slimy, arrogant, psychotic piece of--"


"R-right...forgive me."

Terri stood next to Violet in both shock and utter confusion. "A-are you okay?" She asked.

"Yes, I am quite all right..." He said as he opened the letter and read through it quickly. His eyes widened and looked to Terri with fear.

"W...w-w-what is it...?" She asked very hesitant.

Violet crushed and crinkled the letter in his hand and looked to Robert with stern determination. "Robert, I need you and Sam to watch Terri while Gerald is here. No objections."

"Sir, with all due respect Gerald is a sneaky, and ruthless bastard that can destroy both you and Traverse. And as your Shield it my sworn duty to protect you from the likes of him." Said Robert.

"...Thank you for your concern Robert, but Terri is much more important right now. Do this for me, your friend."

Robert clenched his fists tightly, but quickly let loose and nodded. "Yes, sir."

Violet nodded and firmly held Terri's hands. "Go with him, you will be safe as long as he and Sam are with you."

"But what about you?" She asked.

Violet smiled and kissed the top of her head. "You have nothing to worry about."

"..Somehow I find that hard to believe..." She said, trying her best to hold back her tears.

Violet gently wiped away her tears and looked into her eyes. "Trust me."

Terri looked back into Violet's eyes and slowly nodded. The two slowly broke their embraces, with Terri following behind Robert.


"I still don't understand why I have to hide. Who is this 'Gerald' guy anyway?" She asked Sam.

"Terri, did you not see Violet's face when he received that letter?"

"Yeah, I saw...but who is he?" Terri asked.

Sam bit her lip and sat next to Terri. "He is King of the Southern Kingdom...but he is no ordinary King."

"What do you mean?"

"Gerald, is a man of science; he loves to experiment with alchemy, chemicals, and other things. He is also known for kidnapping people, and trying them with his experiments..." Sam stated.

"...So, he's a total nut."


"But, what does any of this have to do with me?" Terri asked.

"He has a big interest in humans. He must have heard you here in Traverse."

"But, who did he hear it from?"

"I do not know..."


"Lord Gerald, it is very good to see you again." Violet said with much sarcasm.

"I agree, it has been a while Boy. Look at all the lines on your young face." The German Shepherd anthro said, having a smug smirk on his face.

"And look at all the brown on your nose; how are your projects working out?"

"Better than your failing Kingdom."

"Well, not all of us are relying on other Kingdoms to fund for our pathetic projects."

"But you don't waste time hiding and protecting an alien!" Gerald stated.

"I have no idea of what you are talking about." Violet said.

"Don't play me for a fool boy. The human, I know it's here." He snarled.

"And pray tell how you know the human is here?" Violet asked.

Gerald smirked and glanced to Violet all the while looking around the throne room. "I have people with very observant eyes."

"Oh, and what do they see?"

"A human, it's here, and I want it."

"But, what if the human means no harm to us." Violet gestured.

"I would still like to take it in for some...questioning."

'He only knows that Terri is a human, he does not know of what she looks like; meaning he does not know of her entirely other than basic observation. Whoever saw Terri has very poor eyes in not giving him full information...Thank the Goddess.' Violet thought.

"The human is not yours to claim." Violet sternly said, glaring at Gerald.

Gerald looked to Violet and chuckled lowly. "It's not yours to claim, either."

Violet snarled and dug his claws in his own thrown.

"How about this; we settle this like men and take this in the Arena. If I wan; the human is mine."

"--and if I win, the human stays and you never set a damn foot in my land again." Violet added.

Gerald scoffed and looked to Violet. "Very well. But rest assured boy, I won't lose this fight." He said as he walked out of the throne room.

"Do not get your hopes up, Gerald." Violet scowled.



"You idiot! Do you realize what you got yourself into?" Robert growled, pinning Violet against the wall.

Violet looked at Robert with much determination. "I did what was right."

"No, what you did was stupid! Gerald is a professional swordsman and Lightning Wielder, and any element you use against him he will take advantage and kill you with it!" He said. "I made an oath and solemn swear to swear to protect you, and I will not--" Robert paused as he felt Violet's hand be placed upon his shoulder.

"Thank you, Robert." He said.

"You're still an idiot." Robert added.

Violet smiled and chuckled softly. "And you are still a meat head." He added.

"...Sounds like they stopped fighting" Sam said as the left side of her face and ear were placed against the door. Terri gave Sam a nod of approval with the right side of her face placed against the door as well.

"Is it safe to go in?" She asked. Sam looked down to Terri and shrugged her shoulders.

"Only one way to find out..." Sam said before opening the door and pushing Terri in.

Terri let out a loud shriek and skidded her way in front of Violet and Robert. She slowly looked up to the two scaly men, as if she were a rabbit that had ran right into two bloodhounds. "U-uhmm...hello..."

Violet smiled sadly before signing and looking to Robert. "Robert, can we--"

Robert lifted to hand as if to stop him from finishing, and nodded. "We'll talk more tomorrow." He said before leaving the bedroom, and having Terri and Violet being the only one's left. The two looked at each other and stood in the middle of the room quite awkwardly. Violet opened his mouth as if to say something positive, but was stopped when Terri rushed up to him and hugged him tightly. He immediately held her in return and felt tears stream down his face. Terri buried her face into Violet's chest and silently sobbed, her tears drenching Violet's shirt. He softly sighed and lifted Terri's chin, looking deep into her ocean blue eyes and gently wiping away her tears. "I love you, Terri." He said, as he leaned in and kissed her soft lips. Terri wrapped her arms around Violet's neck and kissed him with passion.

"I love you too, Violet."

Their love was like nothing they had ever known.

Her soft skin, and sweet scent drove him mad.

The pleasure of the sword was thrust.

Blood and sweat mixed together with infinite pleasure.

Both caught in a feverish passion before the sun had risen.

"I promise to return home, this do I swear." He said softly, gently caressing Terri's back with his finger tips.

Terri looked up to Violet, still flushed with pleasure, and meekly smiled. "You better."

Violet chuckled.

The two cuddled close together and kissed with much love and passion for each other.
A Drop of Hope Chapter 5
Oooooooo its getting hot in here~!
Everyone prepare your butts for the battle to take place!
Characters belong to me and :iconherman-da-german:
Do not use unless given full permission by the both of us.
‘Float alone little wish, and please don’t take too long
‘Cause what I want the most is in that message
And on the other side of this sunset
Right there, my wish will disappear.
If we're ever reborn
I hope in our next life....’
Little Wish
Due to my computer flipping shit I lost most of my progress for chapter 5 and have no strength in me to finish it today due to my sheer anger and frustration....Why does technology hate me so much? DX
And sadly I won't be able to post it today because I have work as well......UUuuuuuuugh~!
But I will post it tomorrow ASAP.
Thanks for understanding.

Also, if any of you know's where this is from I will give you a cookie.

"Having a staring contest with the paintings?" Teased Sam. Terri giggled and shook her head, continuing to stare at one of the paintings.

"Who is he?" Terri asked, pointing to the painting of a regal Komodo Dragon King.

"That is the previous king; King Magnemite." said Sam.

"Magnemite...?" She questioned as she looked to Sam.

"Mm-hm. He was a great king; he had a kind heart, yet ruled powerfully."

Terri nodded before looking back to the painting of Magnemite. 'The Queen-Bitch would highly disagree.' She thought.

"He died sadly, a few years after taking Violet into the Kingdom." Sam added.

"Y-yeah, it is a bit sad...and I, uh, already knew about that."

"About what?"
"A-about Violet being adopted..." Terri said.

"You knew?"

"Well, sorta, yeah."

"What else did he tell you?"

"Uh, well, for one that apparently I'd be killed if the Queen saw me..." Terri shuddered.

"Yes, she would definitely kill you..." Said Sam.

Terri visibly shivered and held herself tightly. "B-but don't worry, while the Queen is here I shall treat you to anything you like!" Sam said.

"T-thank you, Samantha." Terri said as she smiled meekly to her.

Sam smiled big and giggled. "Not a problem."

"C-can I call you Sam, or Sammy for short?" Terri asked.

Sam nodded and gently took her arm. "Of course!"

Both giggled and started to walk down the hall of Kings.

As the two walked around the castle more, Terri couldn't help but feel compelled to ask and wonder more about Violet. "Sam, I have a question..."

"Ask away."

"Why...why does Violet not have a Queen yet?" She asked.

"Because he rejected most of the princesses who wanted to marry him." Said Sam. Terri's eyes jolted open as she looked to Sam with surprise.


"And I can understand why; most of the princesses had just wanted sexual attention and power." She stated.

"So he's not shallow...I guess is the word." She said blushing.

"Nope! He is a good man and fully respects women."

"Huh...something like that  would be so incredibly rare in my world..." Terri said.

"On the plus side--He likes you~" Sam teased.

Terri giggled and turned away blushing as Sam continued to give Terri a blushy fit.


The next day, Terri awoken to the sound of bells. She got out of bed and looked out the window, smiling brightly as she saw the people of Traverse prepare for the festival. "Oh, wow..." She said to herself. Terri's eyes jolted open as she heard the door slam open, and Sam rushing in with a dress in her arms.

"Morning~" Sam sang.

"G-good morning." Terri said before Sam rushed up to her.

"I have your dress, and I say we put it on now!"


"Yes, now."

Terri looked to Sam with fear. 'Is this what they call clothes-rape?" She thought.




"Ohh, you look so beautiful~" Sam said. Terri smiled as she looked in the mirror and twirled around in her new dress. "Wow, I've never been to my prom and I already feel like a princess...!" She said.

"What is a Prom?"

"It's something like a party to celebrate for one who is graduating from high school."

"What is a high school?"

"....I-it's hard to explain."

"Come on!" Sam shouted as she took Terri's hand, leading her outside the castle.

Terri's eyes shined as she watched what was to come of the festival. "I've never been this excited since I first went to the candy store." She said.

"Candy? I love candy!" Sam squealed.

Both Sam and Terri giggled and held hands in excitement. Sam felt a bump hit her back and looked to see what caused it.

"Ah, sorry."

"Robert, are you helping out?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, I have to. So, watch where you're going, not everyone is playing around like you two right now." He said before walking off.

"That was kind of...rude." Terri stated.

"Oh no, he is just very stern sometimes. But he is right, we have to be careful while everyone is setting up tents and such."

"Ah, right..."

"So until then, want to get some sweets?" Sam asked.

"Yes, please!"

A few hours later, the whole kingdom lit up with lanterns and candles of all shapes and sizes. Terri couldn't help but feel amazement and happiness when looking at it all. 'Mom, Dad, if only you were here to see this...' She thought.

Sam had rushed up to Terri and gently shoved a piece of bread in her mouth. "Mmph!"

"Sweet buns tastes best during this time~" Sam said.

Terri smiled and finished eating the sweet bun. "It is good...!" She said.

Sam smiled brightly as Terri playfully poked her cheek, but not before she sighed deeply.

"Is something wrong?" Sam asked.

"I don't even know anymore..."

"I am sorry if I had bothered you in any way."

Terri looked to Sam and shook her head. "No, don't worry about it..."

"Than what is wrong?" Sam asked.

"It's just...what am I even doing here? This King almost seems me...that's nonsense...he's a King and I'm just some antisocial alien..." Terri said with a deep sigh.

"You are no such thing; you are a sweet and wonderful girl...and to be honest, I have never seen the King this happy before. Ever since the day you came into our world he has been smiling nonstop since." Sam said.

Terri blushed and looked to Sam. "R...really? Wow..." She said, before looking to the castle and blushing more.


"The King is about to set off the lanterns, we have to see!"

"Agreed." Terri said before following Sam.


Violet looked to Edward and nodded, having a saddened look on his face. "I am alright..." He said.

"If you say so, Sire." The Chameleon-woman said before joining the crowd.

"H-heh, I can see him perfectly from here." Terri said, smiling shyly.

"This is going to be so incredibly wonderful!" Sam said, very eager to lift her lantern.

"Friends, I welcome you; to the two-thousandth anniversary of the Festival of Lights."

The people had clapped and cheered, with Terri joining in their cheers.

"As you all know; we all have loved ones who have passed and moved on to the Golden Land, with our Goddess of the Sun. But that does not stop us from loving and remembering them in our hearts. So, we light these lanterns in honor of our loved ones, and for our Lady."

With that, Violet had lit the lantern he had been holding and had let it float into the night sky. The people had lit their own and had lifted their lanterns into the sky, joining Violet's lantern.

Terri looked up into the night sky, her eyes lit up with the lanterns lights and amazement.

Violet had looked down to the people and spotted Terri in the crowd, smiling warmly. Terri had looked up to Violet and smiled back, blushing just a bit again. Violet smiled more as he motioned for her to join him by his side.

"U-uhm...I...should I...uh..." She looked to Sam as if asking for advice. Sam smiled big and gently pushed her. "U-uhm..." She bit her lip and walked up to Violet. "H-hi..."


"That was...awesome..." She said, referring to the lights.

Violet tilted his head questionably. "Awesome?"

"Like...really great." She said.

Violet smiled and chuckled. "I am glad you liked it."

"" She smiled, now very unsure of what to say.

"I have something for you." He said, giving her a lantern. "I know you did not get to lift one, so this is for you."

Terri blushed and gently took the lantern from him. "Th-thank do I do now...think of those dear to me and lift it...?"


"O-okay..." She said, closing her eyes and thinking about her parents before lifting it I to the sky; a few tears rolling down her cheeks. Violet looked to Terri and gently wiped away her tears. "S-sorry..."

"No need." He said, smiling warmly to her.

Terri smiled back to him and wiped away her tears. "Th-thanks for letting me participate in this..."

"You are welcome, and thank you for joining." He said.

Terri blushed and rubbed the back of her neck, unsure of what to do or say next. "W-wow...uhmm..."

Violet gently took Terri's hand and looked into her eyes. "Would you care to dance with me?"

Terri blushed harder and looked back into Violet's eyes. "U...U-uhmm...!" She looked to Sam again for advice.

'Do it!' She mouthed.

"S-sure, I'd love to." She said.

Violet smiled and blushed a bit before taking Terri to the dance floor.

"So romantic, don't you think, Robby?" Sam said, looking to Robert.

"Yes, almost as nice as this book."


"Which I will continue to read."


"As soon as you leave."

Sam huffed and poked Robert's cheek. "Do not be such a grouch, it is a time to celebrate with loved ones! And I am sure your loved one is here celebrating~" She said before skipping off.

'...She is here...and I just scared her off.'

Terri smiled as she slow-danced with Violet, keeping her onto his chest. She felt warm and happy just being close to him. Terri giggled seeing Sam giving her thumbs up and rooting for her.

'I definitely don't want to leave this place.'
A Drop of Hope Chapter 4
Wooohoooo! It's done! Read it ya beautiful Lovelies!
All characters belong to me and :iconherman-da-german:
You may not use them unless given full permission by the both of us.
'No royal blood...?'

Terri thought as she clenched her hands tightly. 'That doesn't matter, she doesn't know what she's taling about!' She added. Terri wanted to storm in there and tell the Windigo Queen her opinion; but she couldn't muster the courage to do so, and instead kept watching in disbelief.

Violet scoffed before glaring at the Queen. "Yes, I am of no royal blood. But he needed a successor; one worthy of protecting and loving the people, but would rule with an iron fist. He was a good, and wise man to choose me as his heir-- and you have no right to tell your King what he is and what he is not." He said.

Terri looked on with amazement. 'Wow...'

"Leave my sight, now." He demanded.

The Queen's eyes widened before glaring back to Violet. "Very well, I shall leave." She said before bowing. "Goodbye, your Majesty." She added before storming out as fumes of sheer anger left her body.

Violet sighed deeply and rubbed his templates, before glancing to a hidden Terri in the vent. "...You can come out now." He said softly.

Terri's eyes jolted open as she heard Violet call her out, she bit her lip and moved closer to the grates on the vent. " knew I w-w-was there...?" She asked nervously.

Violet walked up to the vent and knelt down, looking right at her. "The whole time." He put it bluntly. He then opened the vent and helped her out.

Terri dusted herself off before looking to Violet looking down at her very seriously. "I-I'm sorry...I-I-I shouldn't h-have eavesdropped..." She said, keeping her eyes casted down to the floor.

'Great, now I'm in bigger trouble than before.' Terri thought before looking up at Violet, then to the floor again.

Violet couldn't help but smile and chuckle softly before gently placing his hand on top of Terri's head.

Terri looked up in confusion. "H-huh?"

"I used that same passage to eavesdrop on the Queen, and by the Goddess she was furious." Violet chuckled.

Terri smiled and couldn't help but giggle herself. "I can imagine..."

Violet sighed and looked down to Terri. "But, now you know...I was not born royalty." He said.

"W-well, everyone s-s-still accepts you a-as King, t-though right...?" She asked.

"Of course, yet I still can't help but question myself why he would choose me instead of his own flesh and" He pondered.

"I h-hope you don't mind m-me asking...but h-how old a-a-are you...?" She asked.

"Ah, I am twenty-five years old." He said."O-oh, and h-how long have you been ruling?"

"It is my sixteenth year of ruling Traverse."

"Sixteen years..." She said, counting by her fingers before looking up to Violet in shock. "Holy--you were crowned King at nine years old!?"

"Yes; quite a young age, isn't it." He said with a smile.

"Y-yeah...w-wow...I g-guess neither of u-us have i-it easy in our w-worlds..."

Violet looked at Terri questionably. "What do you mean?"

"W-where I c-c-come from...people h-haven't been n-nearly as nice to m-me..."

"...Terri, what is troubling you?" Violet asked.

Terri hesitated to speak any further. She looked up into Violet's eyes, and felt a warm feeling inside her. She felt she could pour her heart out to him. But, Terri looked down and tried to hold back any tears trying to force their way out. "A-as far b-back as I c-can recall...p-people have always been b-bullying me...and last last pillar of support crumbled..."


"A-and I don't t-think I want to go back..." She said with a deep sigh.

"But, won't your family miss you?" He asked.

"What family? My parents are dead!"

Violet's eyes widened as he rubbed the back of his neck. 'Way to go, Violet. You hurt the poor girl more than ever, and now she is crying because of you. Idiot!'

"I am sorry...I had no idea of how much you were in pain." He said gently.

"It's alright, you d-didn't know..." She sniffled as tears continuously rolled down her face.

Violet couldn't help but feel regret of his stupidity in not knowing of her parent's death. He gently cupped her face and wiped away her tears, looking into her eyes.

"Please do not cry, tears do not suit a pretty face such as your's." He said.


"Of fact, you are very beautiful, Terri. And, it hurts seeing you cry."

Terri blushed quite a bit before looking back into his eyes again. "Wow...n-no one's e-e-ever called me t-that before..."

"I am glad to be the first....Please, smile again for me."

Terri blushed more, but tried to smile regardless.

Before either of the two would say more, the door opened to reveal the crocodile-guard from the other day. "Your Majesty I--" He paused.

Violet looked to the guard quickly, trying to look stern and firm. "Yes, Robert?"

The guard--called Robert-- Looked to Violet then to Terri, raising a scaly eyebrow. "...It can wait." He said as he closed the door behind him.

The two blushed profusely and looked at each other.

"Not to b-be rude...but does n-n-no one knock around h-here?" Terri asked.

Violet groaned. "No, and to tell the truth it is my fault."

"O-oh, how so?"

"I used to barge into their rooms all the time, and they would barge into mine..."

Terri giggled. "You're not b-best friends until you i-insult each other, and b-bug each other."

Violet chuckled and nodded his head. "I agree...Robert and Sam are two of the few other friends that I had grown up with. I consider them my family." He said.

Terri smiled a bit, before it slowly faded into utter sadness.

Violet saw and felt Terri's dark cloud of sadness and gently held her shoulder. "If it makes you feel any better...I never knew my parents."

Terri looked up at him in surprise. "What do you mean? Are they...d-dead?"

Violet shrugged. "I am not sure, most of my memories are here in Traverse..."

Terri crossed her arms as she had a deep thought process. "Do you think they could be alive?"

"It is a possibility, but if one or both of them are alive..." He paused.

"You've never t-thought about what to say to t-them...h-have you?" She asked.

"I can not even imagine meeting them...nor what to say to them, if I ever did meet them..."

"It's hard, y-you've been away f-from them for s-s-so's hard to imagine t-that kind of situation."

Violet nodded his head in agreement.

Both looked away from each other, and let the awkwardness stab into the silence like a rusty knife.

Violet rubbed the back of his neck and looked to Terri once more.


"R-right, sorry." He said before gently gripping Terri's shoulders. "Terri, listen to me very closely. The Windigo Queen will return again in a few days, so I need you to stay hidden."

"O-Okay...but why?" She asked.

"She's a ruthless woman and will you if she sees you, and I am not about to risk the chances of her knowing your existence. I will not let her hurt you." He sternly said.

Terri blushed again and nodded to Violet. "O-Okay...uhm, thank you, for everything...V-Violet."

Violet blushed a bit, but smiled to Terri nonetheless. "You are welcome."

"'s g-gonna happen i-in the mean time...?" She asked.

"Tomorrow is the Festival of Lights, and it would be an honor if you would join me." He said.

Terri's lit up with enthusiasm as she looked up at Violet. "O-Oh, that s-sounds lovely...what is it?"

"It is a day where our ancestors and loved ones come and visit from The Golden Land, so we fly lanterns to honor them." He said.

Terri's face glistened with excitement as she listened about the Festival. "That s-sounds like an amazing tradition--But, I have t-to ask...w-what is the Golden Land?" She added.

Violet smiled as he pulled out a book from the shelf and opened it, showing her the illustrations. "The Golden Land is home to the Goddess of the Sun; named Kisa. It is said that once we die, we go to the Golden Land to live prosper and happy lives. She used to visit these lands in person, but had stopped due to losing her loved one. Which is the other reason why we light up Lanterns; for both our loved ones, and for her lover as well."

"W-wow, it's unique and enchanting." She said.

Violet smiled and blushed a bit before coming to the realization of his 'Kingly Duties'. "O-oh, I just remembered I have work to do--I am so sorry."

Terri looked to Violet and panicked "N-no, don't be! I understand! S-Sorry to keep you from your work...!"

Violet smiled warmly and cupped her face. "Terri, you never kept me from my work."

Could Terri blush anymore; her head would explode.

"Please, feel free to walk around and explore the castle. If you need help I will send Samantha to assist you." He said.

"T-Thank you...uhm, hope to see you later then..." She said with an awkward smile.

Violet nodded and slowly left the room. "Till we meet again."

"Thanks..." she said, before sighing somewhat dreamily. 'He's...kinda cute...'

'Oh, who am I kidding--it's gotta be illegal somewhere to be that chivalrous and handsome!'
A Drop of Hope Chapter 3
All of the characters belong to me and :iconherman-da-german:
You may not use them unless given full permission by both of us.
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Hello my lovely Peaches and Creams, Ashido here.

Just a small update on the upcoming chapters of 'A Drop of Hope'.
I had decided that since this may take a while to do, I decided that I will post one chapter a week.
Because I see that people want more, and I don't have the cover done yet I want to keep you lovelies on the edge and want more.
I know it's cruel of me and I've never done this myself, but it'll also give me time to work on more chapters at the same time.
The stories with be posted on either Tuesday or Wednesday, because those are usually my days off from work. Also, if I don't put up the chapters on either of those days, expect some delays because my schedule is very random and usually always busy. So please don't hate me if I'm a few days late or such, I'm human just like you lovelies.

Another thing is if you lovelies have any questions about the characters and such please feel free to ask. But let's keep it professional, and no profanity.
I want you guys to ask because instead of writing the info down I feel it'd be fun to make a video and explain things through my voice to you lovelies.

So yeah, that's it for now. The characters and such will be introduced in the story, so if you guys have any questions leave them here.

I hope you guys enjoy ^w^


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Thank you for the :+fav::thanks:
Ashido-117 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, keep up the awesome work~
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will do my best :la:
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Thanks for the watch! It's much appreciated :)
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You're very welcome X3
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Btw keep up the good work and I do hope your comic "Sun trials" Return :)
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Thanks, I'll do my best! And I will come back soon I just have to deal with college first heh~
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